Born in Brussels in 1960, Yves Ullens was originally destined to a career in telecommunications before devoting himself entirely to art and photography from the 2000s.

Aturning point that allows him to explore the visual effects of light, colours and movement thanks to photography. Abstraction becomes the major theme of his work that he exhibited in 2001 in art galleries in Brussels. And since then, he has been exhibited in international art fairs, museums,...

Text extract : Caroline Bouchard - 2019 - LYL Magazine

(...) "While taking a picture I pass from one mental state to another, from a preconceived idea or an object to an uncontrolled gesture, my body involved in a sequence of movements during which I forget myself and become guided by my emotions. I also forget the rules of photography and play with the taboos of the technique: blurring due to long exposure and movement that are proscri- bed by the classical approach of photography are the very essence of my work.

I am also fascinated by the borders between photography and painting. Even if photography is my main artistic tool, I perceive myself more as a painter and wish to further develop this af-nity in the future" said the artist.

Extract from : LYL Magazine