"A self-taught painter, I was born in Paris in 1971. I live in a geometric and colorful world.
My experience and my inspiration come from urban arts, where I began. I developed a very personal graphic code and I use the energy from the colors as a therapy.
I have been working for many years on reflections based on networks and connections.
I discovered that symbols form a language.
My symbolic language speaks of nature and the universe. I believe that geometric forms associated with the simplicity and the strictness of structures and composition can lead to a great purity.
Nevertheless, the same forms show infinite possible combinations and can also express dynamism and great vitality. Using the same elementary shapes — lines, circles, squares, triangles, polygons, and curves, most of the major characteristics of human beings can be described: purity, contemplation, spirituality, calm, joy, dynamism, consciousness, creativity, imagination…"

Text : Seize Happywallmaker (www.