Marc Renard lives and works in Brussels.

After being exhibited in Belgium by several galleries and museums, his work is now defended by the Marc Minjauw Gallery since 2015.

Marc renard also participated in numerous international fairs and exhibition in China, UK, Canada, etc. His works can be found in many public and private collections (Ixelles Museum, Veranneman Foundation, AXA Group, University of Antwerp, etc.)

Marc Renard's paintings should be seen as the unveiling of the painter's movements in the digital era. Linear and nervous movements are mechanically scraped on opalescent surfaces, concealed then uncovered by adhesive strips, they compose the painting with a hating tempo of formidable efficiency. Each movement then comes with its negative and is even contaminated by it.

Text : Jérôme Boutterin, 2019 - Traduction : Mathilde Mazau, 2019