Jérôme Boutterin lives and works in Paris. 

He teaches as a senior lecturer at the National School of Architecture of Versailles. He graduated from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Art in Nice and the National School of Landscape in Versailles.

Recently, his work has been shown in China at the Ningbo Museum of Art, the Melon Museum in Changsha and South Korea in the Artbn, UM and Artiste galleries and at the Gheongiu Art Center. In Europe, his recent solo exhibition took place at the Marc Minjauw Gallery in Brussel, at the Kerguéhennec art center in Grand and at the Uhn gallery in Germany.

In Jérôme Boutterin's pictures, painting is made while coming undone : colorful masses in order to generate sketched outlines. More recently, these aggregates have invaded and cover the top of the paintings and transform into sketches with disconcerting outlines. This duality between density and lightness seems to then create an inverted gravity as if the painting cheekily showed us the lightness that supports it.