Jacques Bage (Liège 1942) studied painting and engraving at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Mons, Belgium. He created compulsory still lives and portraits, while much more interested in the observation of nature and effect of daylights. Landscape and big open spaces were already his favorite subjects. Jacques Meuris, the author of the 1989 essay on the painter’s work even chose to title it “The landscape as metaphor”. Initially perceptible, then allusive, the landscape as such would reach its peak with Bage in “sight” or reflection of his mood.

Jacques Bage reminds us, with a smile, of our condition of « beings close to the ground by essency ». He declares : « we are close to the ground, isn’t it our fate to look upwards, always seeking the rainbow after the storm ? »


    Extract from : Michel Van Lierde, February, 2017.